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Electrical Panel

Electrical control panels are designed and used to control mechanical equipment. Each one is designed for a specific equipment arrangement and includes devices that allow an operator to control specified equipment. Electrical panel components control every piece of equipment in every industry.

LT Panel
(Low Voltage Panel)

  • Main LT Panel

  • PCC (Power Control Center)

  • Auto/Manual Synchronising / Load Sharing Panel

  • AMF Panels

  • MCC (Motor Control Center)

  • Control and Relay Panel

  • Control Desk & Mimic Panels

  • Intelligent Switchboards with Computer &

  • BMS Interface

  • Capacitor Panel

  • Feeder Pillar

  • Meter Board

  • Main Distribution Board (MDB)

  • Bus Ducts & Rising Mains


Distribution Panel

Distribution panel is the main source of a large set of electrical circuits. Distribution panels work by combining circuits from many different locations into one central hub. This allows you to access the entire electrical grid for your home from one spot.

or, A distribution board is a panel that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.

APFC Panel

APFC panel also known as automatic power factor improvement Panel because, it can control the power factor for reactive loads. 

APFC Panels also helps to overcome this difficulty by maintaining the power factor close to unity. APFC Panels are an automatic control system consisting of a microprocessor controller and multiple capacitors. You can turn these panels on or off automatically on an individual basis, as and when you need.


Meter Panel

Meter Panels protects the energy meters supplied by Electricity boards in a sheet enclosure. Fuses/Breakers provision to isolate the output supply. Meter running view facility provision.

MCC Panel

The Motor Control Center Panels (MCC Panel) are used in large industrial and commercial application to control motors from a central location.

The motor control centers are combination of multiple enclosed sections having common busbars and each section containing power contactors, protective relays, isolators and other control and indication devices.


AMF Panel

AMF panel is the short form of Auto Man Failure panel. It is normally connected to the generator set to control the generator set function. It can call the generator set if the AMF further connected to the Main Switch Board ( received power from the other source - normally from the local authority ) which equipped with auto transfer switch/automatic changeover contactor.

ATS Panel

An Automatic transfer switch panel, or ATS panel, is a type of transfer panel used with a diesel generator to automatically switch between the mains and generator in the event of a power failure. The generator will start/ stop automatically depending on the mains supply.

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